What Is and Isn't a Timeshare?

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Real Talk from a Happy Owner of 15

Timeshare is a legal contract and long-term financial decision that you should thoroughly understand and think through before buying.

That’s just another reason not to rush and fully understand what a timeshare, or vacation ownership, is before buying.

What Is a Timeshare Ownership?

There are four different types.

A Fixed Week

This type of timeshare ownership means you have the right to use a particular room type a specific week every year.

A Floating Week

Some floating ownerships are specific for high season (AKA Red Weeks) or low season (AKA White Weeks).

An Allotment of Points

Based on your purchase package, owners receive a set number of points a year that act as currency they can use to make resort reservations within their timeshare chain.

Fractional Ownership

instead of just a week or a set amount of points, we hold a larger piece of a specific unit at a particular resort.

What Is a Timeshare Resort?

With 1,582 timeshare resorts in the U.S. totaling 206,380 units, there is more than one answer to the question “What is a Timeshare Resort?”

While some people may think a timeshare is a small 1970’s resort past its prime, Disney’s Saratoga Springs, Waikiki’s Hilton Hawaiian Village, Marriott’s Ko Olina, Four Seasons Residence Club in California, and other brand name resorts are timeshares.

What Is a Timeshare Room Like?

One of the differences between a hotel and a timeshare is the room itself. I love timeshare traveling because these resorts combine a condo’s space and conveniences with large chain resorts’ amenities and cleanliness standards.