how to get started wakesurfing 

There are two main components to getting started with wake surfing. First, you have to get the necessary equipment. Then you need to work on your technique and skills.

The best type of boat for wakesurfing is a V-drive inboard. V-drive inboard boats have the engine placed at or near the rear of the boat. 

What Kind of Boat Is Best For Wakesurfing?

Getting a wakeshaper can help clean up the wake coming off of a boat. If your wake is washed out, consider getting a wakeshaper to clean it up.


Ballast is important for creating a substantial wake. In general, the more your boat weighs, the more water it displaces. The more water it displaces, the bigger the wake.


With wake boats, this is usually also done in the form of a lead ballast bag. The advantage of using lead over water is denser than water ballast.

Lead Ballast

Boards for wakesurfing are slightly different than regular surfboards to account for the differences in the wake of a boat compared to the ocean.

Getting a Board for Wakesurfing