alternatives to a traditional wedding

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Does a traditional wedding feel to standard for you? Or perhaps, you want to buck the tradition of spending massive amounts of money starting your partnership broke or in debt. First, what does a “standard wedding” look like.

A standard wedding in America is where you have both the bride and groom’s extended family, family friends, and friends to a wedding ceremony and a reception dinner afterwards. But you are interested in unique wedding ideas. Awesome.

Backcountry Wedding

One great aspect of a backcountry wedding, is when you are out in the middle of the wilderness, any creature comforts seem much fancier. It doesn’t take nearly as much to make it feel like you are eating like kings and queens.

Wear What You Want

Not excited about the traditional white wedding dress and tux? Well, good news. You can change it up. If you want, you can ditch the veil. Wear your favorite color instead of white, wear a completely different outfit.

Skip The Champagne

Toasts of Champagne seems too stuffy? Try your favorite drink or have a signature cocktail for the toast. If you are keeping your wedding day dry, that works too.

Have A Unique Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great way to document the night, and doubles as impromptu wedding favors. It can be fun to incorporate your wedding theme. Here are some great DIY Photo Booth ideas.