How to Buy Stocks for Beginners:

4 Easy Steps to Get You Started

Investing in stocks for the first time is a daunting task. It can be scary because real money is at risk of loss. The question then is how to buy stocks for beginners?

Most workers probably own stocks indirectly through their company’s retirement plan, whether a pension or 401(k).

You Probably  Already Own Stocks

Factors in buying stocks include the type of order, dollar amount, and, most importantly, the stock you want to buy.

Basics of Stocks

Today, orders are placed directly by the investor online. Therefore, a person should start the process by selecting an online broker and creating an account.

Pick a Brokerage Firm

First, a person must complete the application, and wait for approval. Lastly, an investor needs to add money to the account by directly linking a bank account.

Open an Account Online

Start by reading about it in one of the many investing books. A gold standard amongst beginner investing books is one of the three Peter Lynch books.

Research a Stock