What Is a Timeshare and What It Isn’t:

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Real Talk from a Happy Owner of 15

Timeshare is a legal contract and long-term financial decision that you should thoroughly understand and think through before buying.

That’s just another reason not to rush and fully understand what a timeshare, or vacation ownership, is before buying.

What Is a Timeshare Ownership?

There are four different types.

– A Fixed Week – A Floating Week – An Allotment of Points – Fractional Ownership

A Fixed Week

This type of timeshare ownership means you have the right to use a particular room type a specific week every year.

A Floating Week

Some floating ownerships are specific for high season (AKA Red Weeks) or low season  (AKA White Weeks).

What a Timeshare Isn’t: A Way to Travel to Every Destination in the World

Some places don’t have timeshare resorts. So take some time to think this through.

Guaranteed Exchange Availability at the Most In-Demand Resorts

While it’s not impossible to get those types of reservations, it could take years, and not be during the specific week.