long term vs short term rentals

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Gray Frame Corner

Which one makes more money?

In most situations, short-term rentals will make more than long-term.

Which One Takes Less Time to Manage?

With long-term rentals, you have to do many of processes, but most of them are on an annual or quarterly basis.

Do You Like Dealing with People?

Short-term rentals are a hospitality business as much or more than a real estate business. As such, you will be interacting with people.

How Important is Scalability?

If you grow your portfolio at a few units per year, scaling short term probably will not present any major management problems.

Difference in Headaches

There are fires that the owner or manager has to put out on a routine basis. The hiccups that come along with a short-term and long-term rental are usually different. 

So Which Should it Be?

STR is a great vehicle to make additional money, which can help grow an investment portfolio. On the larger scale, or if you do not desire to leverage time, the long term is probably the way to go.