It is certainly a weird time. Staying at home is no longer considered lazy but a revered trait. I have been doing my best to abide by social distancing orders, and trying to make the best of the time created by my canceled schedule.

The best thing we can do right now is stay calm, not spend excess time worrying about what we cannot control, and focus our energy on what we can control.

I decided we will be changing our preferences from the majority of meals being prepared outside our house to inside our house. Then, since going into grocery stores seems like it as a society would speed the spread, I decided to focus on getting food through other means.

Amping up Household Food Supply Chain

Before quarantine, a large portion of quality family time was spent doing something outside the house. Going to the zoo, an amusement park, pools, etc. Now everything is at home.

Quality Family Time 

I have been working on improving the quality of content I can provide for this blog. Part of this is investing in some video equipment so I can make videos to go along with the writing.

Working on Content Production