How to Successfully Invest in Real Estate From Out of State

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Investing in real estate out of state can be a worrying experience. To combat some of the worry, it is a good idea to get familiar with real estate investing, the market, and the people.

Establish your Criteria

“Begin with the end in mind.” By starting with the goal you can then prioritize things like cashflow, appreciation, and long term stability.

Select Your Market

It is like picking the perfect apple from a sea of possibilities. Use data to find out which markets meet your population growth, job growth, and demographic requirements.

Build Your Local Network

Usually when networking and trying to find professionals, they might come from recommendations.


There is a solid depth of active users on there. And since there is an education component from the platform, there is a good chance of meeting like minded people from the site.

Local Meetups

There is a good chance that a prominent real estate agent, attorney, or even turnkey operator is known by many people at a group and you will quickly be able to get references about them.