important vs urgent

Time management is a tricky thing. If you are constantly putting out fires and feel like you are just spinning your wheels this is for you.

Eisenhower recognized the difference between urgent and important and he acted on this. 

Enter Eisenhower

Identifying what is urgent and important in your life in real time as they enter your life feels a bit like a ninja skill. 

Differentiate Important and Urgent Tasks

The easiest way to do this is to block off time to work on these types of tasks in your calendar. Protect this time.

Create time to work on the important

Some urgent tasks can be tackled once and automated, for instance, bills can be put on auto-pay. If you cannot automate them, and you cannot delegate them. 

Build a system to deal with the urgent

If they do not work to move you closer to your dream, do not hesitate to eliminate them from your day.

What if it is not urgent or important?