most iconic road trips in every state

Whether you’re looking for roads less traveled or a cheaper way to vacation, here’s The Most Iconic Road Trips in Every State to inspire your next holiday.

Hawaii’s Paia to Hana

This 52-mile journey allows you to explore an undeveloped portion of east Maui that feels like the Hawaii of yesteryear.

The Teton Scenic Byway road trip is perfect for fall foliage, the spring bloom of wildflowers, or the annual summer balloon festival.

Idaho’s Swan Valley to Ashton

The Ohio River Scenic Byway runs next to the Ohio River and puts the best of Southern Illinois on display.

Illinois’s Cave-in-Rock to Cairo

This road trip features six state parks offering soaring sand dunes, lakeside relaxation, and rugged hiking. 

Indiana’s Northern State Parks Loop

A perfect trip for outdoor enthusiasts or history buffs, this 328-mile drive features stunning vistas, and the history of the people living there for thousands of years.

Iowa’s New Albin to Keokuk