rent a room in your house: 

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follow these 5 steps for maximum protection

The population of the United States continues to grow every year as more individuals flock to the U.S. 

If you own a home and want to make some extra money every month, here is a guide on how to rent a room in your house.

Ask the Right Screening Questions

Prepare several questions to ask them to get a sense of if they would be a good fit for you. Here are three deal-breaker questions you’ll want to ask:

Do you have the first month’s rent and security deposit ready today?

If they answer anything other than a resounding yes, politely end the phone call. 

Where do you work?

You need to know how they will afford to pay the rent each month. The best question to ask is whether they have worked at the same place for over six months.

Why should I choose you as a roommate?

You can now move on to more personality-based questions. If they cannot articulate why they will be a net benefit to your life, pass on them.