How Much Does TikTok Pay?

You may have dreams of being an online influencer, and are considering breaking into TikTok. The question you ask is, can you make money on TikTok?

Unfortunately, this boils down to – not much. So for most users, TikTok itself will not be paying a ton of money.

TikTok pays 2-4 cents per thousand views.

Do not despair, though. While it might be tough to make significant amounts of money from TikTok, it is still a viable platform to earn money from your hobby.

While TikTok pays about 2-4 cents per thousand views, YouTube pays about $2-$4 per thousand views. That is nearly 100 times more for the same amount of views.

Can You Make a Living on TikTok?

If you are trying to maximize your income from TikTok, it is important to build a following. One important decision when building a following is whether to go deep or wide.

Build a Following

The core truth is that if people like you and are paying attention to what you are saying, there is a way to monetize it further.

Alternative Revenue Streams For TikTokers