Brandon Turner’s Net Worth

Brandon Turner’s net worth is an estimated 3-5 Million. This is based on his business, book sales, and known real estate holdings. Brandon Turner has built a lot of his money investing in real estate.

What is Brandon Turner’s Net Worth?

Brandon Turner has several different streams of income contributing to his wealth. These are apartments, trailer parks, book sales, BiggerPockets position and stock options.

How Does Brandon Turner Make Money?

Brandon’s newest venture is Open Door Capital. It is a real estate syndication fund aimed at mobile home parks, apartment buildings, and self-storage. 

The Book on Real Estate Investing by Brandon Turner is ranked #2 on Amazon for the real estate investing category at the time of publishing.

Books Written By Brandon Turner

The BRRRR Method stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat. It contrasts the typical buy-and-hold method where an investor buys a property with a mortgage.

The BRRRR Method