SpaceX Stock Is in High Demand: 

Here’s How To Buy SpaceX Stock

SpaceX stock is not a company that investors can buy through standard channels. You will not find it on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the Nasdaq.

It is an aerospace company that designs and builds rockets and communication satellites. The main product is the Falcon 9 rocket, a reusable rocket.

What is SpaceX?

SpaceX, reportedly, had $6+ billion in demand for the October 2021 round. Hence, SpaceX can dictate terms and is having little difficulty raising money.

SpaceX Will Probably Not Have an IPO Anytime Soon

Venture Capital Funds - A straightforward way to buy SpaceX stock is to become a venture capital fund (VC) member investing in SpaceX.

How to Buy SpaceX Stock

The firm has two trusts that own SpaceX stock. The first trust is the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, and the second is the US Growth Trust.

Baillie Gifford Trusts

In 2015, Google invested $900 million with Fidelity Investments in SpaceX. At the time, the shares were worth almost 10% of SpaceX. Hence, shareholders of Google indirectly own SpaceX stock.