Best Stores to Coupon

Couponing can be a very effective tool for saving money on everyday household items and groceries. This guide will be a big help on your journey to getting the best deals!

Groupon is an online couponing service offered via web and mobile app. Groupon has a lot of different coupons for local retailers and eateries.

Groupon is a website that has a TON of different manufacturer coupons. It has printable coupons, digital coupons, cashback offers, and promo codes.

iBotta is a cashback rewards app offered as a mobile app or web extension. It works by scanning your receipt and getting immediate cashback on qualifying purchases.


The Capital One extension is a free, easy-to-use browser extension that works in the background. Once it’s installed, it automatically applies coupons to online shopping.

Capital One Extension

Swagbucks is an online tool that allows you to earn gift cards to stores you love. You sign up online and earn points by shopping online, watching videos, and answering survey questions.