Furnishing an Airbnb

A visually attractive space is a major way to increase bookings.

You will want to check out your competition in your market, and some of the best listings you can find on Airbnb to see what they look like. Then back into what you want your space to look like.

I recommend starting with finding a sofa, bed frames, nightstands, dining room table and chairs first. Coordinate each bedroom to have a similar style.

Find Major Items First

My biggest tip is to look to the furniture you already picked to inform you on how to decorate the room. 

Finding decor

For bedding I bought a few different brands on Amazon and have settled on the Mellanni microfiber sheets. The microfiber drys fast, feels very luxury. 


There are so many SKU’s for the kitchen and bath. It is a bit of work assembling all the items to make a complete experience. Coffee is a big area of concern.

Stocking the kitchen and bath