Decorating Your Airbnb

Gray Frame Corner
Gray Frame Corner

A visually attractive space is a major way to increase bookings.


Pinzon makes a pretty great percale cotton sheet. Which being 100% cotton results in slower drying time and more wrinkles. The microfiber drys fast, feels very luxury.

Stocking the kitchen and bath

There are so many SKU’s for the kitchen and bath. It is a bit of work assembling all the items to make a complete experience. Coffee is a big area of concern.

Sourcing notes

My end goal with Airbnb is to build a scalable solution. Though I think there is a fallacy of premature optimization for scaling, spending too much time working in an unscalable fashion can lead to trouble as well.


Shopping around and figuring out what works takes time. When just getting started, I checked out many of the discount furniture and decor stores in my area. Many of the stores, I was not impressed with and did not think they provided much opportunity.

Inefficiency permitable at small scale

While the goal of scale may be to have a list of items you can order online, and an email of a sales rep at a local furniture company where you can send a couple lines and they send back a quote and then deliver the item to your Airbnb.