14 simple & easy curb appeal ideas 

to seriously consider

Just because the demand is high, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to increase the value of your home by adding curb appeal for cheap.

Curb appeal is what is referred to as the first impression by others when they see your home! The street view of your home will often indicate what to expect when you look on the inside.

What is Curb Appeal?

Whether you trim down your trees and bushes or remove them, opening up the front of your home will give your home more appeal.

Remove Overgrown Trees & Bushes

A fresh coat of paint on the trim is a good idea on any home over ten years old as a general rule of thumb.

Don’t Be Afraid to Paint!

Pros to replacing your windows include increasing your home’s energy efficiency, updating the window styles, and adding tons of flare as far as curb appeal goes!

Replace Your Windows