what happens to credit card debt when you die?

Here is the first thing to know – your creditors can’t pursue credit card debt payments after your death.

However, never think that death is the ultimate solution to credit card debt relief. 

First, do not incur more debt, even with an authorized user. It is considered fraud if you are not the primary user.

Stop Using the Card

If you are the surviving spouse, gather all documents and make a list of the debts to pay off.

Make a List of the Outstanding Credit Card Accounts

You will have to close the account if it was only in the deceased person’s name. If you are the joint account holder, you can use the card as a sole account holder.

Notify the Creditors and the Credit Bureaus

Remember, one late payment will negatively reflect your credit report even if you do not want to use the card.

Clear the Outstanding Credit Card Debt