best stores to coupon 

Whether you’re just starting with couponing or you’re an extreme couponer, this guide will be a big help on your journey to getting the best deals!

Most coupons will have some teeny tiny fine print at the bottom. Often, that is where you will find the expiration date and any other restrictions.

Read the Fine Print

One cool thing about couponing at CVS is that they will enable you to use BOGO coupons on items that are already BOGO so that you can get two items for free!


Target is a hugely popular store with really great brands. You also get a Target RedCard, which allows you to save 5% when you use it. 


While Kroger has their store, many other smaller grocery chains carry Kroger products, like King Soopers, Fresh Market, City Market, Smiths, Fred Meyer, and Fry’s.

Kroger Stores

JoAnn’s is a craft store similar to Hobby Lobby, only a little smaller. The best thing about JoAnn’s is that it allows coupon stacking on top of their already good prices.