Alternatives to A Traditional Wedding

Does a traditional wedding feel to standard for you? Or perhaps, you want to buck the tradition of spending massive amounts of money starting your partnership broke or in debt. First, what does a “standard wedding” look like.

A standard wedding in America is where you have both the bride and groom’s extended family (whom you may or may not like), family friends, and friends to a wedding ceremony and a reception dinner afterwards.

Quite possibly the worst money saving idea and the ultimate destination wedding is to get married in space. With Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin both offering space tourism tickets, it is now that much closer to being possible to get married in space.

1. Get Married In Space

There is a fading stigma against eloping. This is probably because traditionally it was done to get married when it was against the parents wishes. Nowadays elopement is more common among couples who do not want to deal with all the hassle and trappings of a traditional wedding ceremony.

2. Elopement

Rather than renting an expensive wedding venue, getting married in your backyard can be a more comfortable setting. If you do not have a backyard, or yours is too small to fit the wedding perhaps you can borrow a family member or friends backyard.

3. Backyard Wedding

Country weddings may be overdone, but backcountry weddings are more unique for sure. You can hike out to your favourite destination or try somewhere new. If you are new to backpacking, or the area you plan to visit, remember to consult with trusted friends with more experience.

4. Back country Wedding