7 biblical truths for wealth with calev myers

There is an underlying concept in our society that money is dirty, it is a bad thing. If you have accumulated wealth, then you must have ripped someone off. But this is not what the Bible says about money. It isn’t what Jesus says about money.

The reality is money is a proxy for love: – Serving is essentially the verb form of love – Money is exchanged for service

If you do not think money is a good thing, and you are embarrassed by it, you will not make it. Making money is good. Genesis 2:12 “The gold of that land is good; aromatic resin and onyx are also there.”

Gold is Good

“If you have cash in your wallet… you can be sure that you have done a service for somebody, created value for somebody. Unless you stole it or cheated someone for it.”

Gold = Service

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