15 Travel Sites for Cheap Flights

Nowadays, you can find cheap flights on a variety of different websites. The problem is that some of these sites are better and more user-friendly than others.

If you are looking for a way to find the cheapest flights to your destination, check out our comparison of some of the best affordable travel sites.


Hotwire specializes in helping you find great deals on last-minute flights. Saving you as much as 40% on ticket prices, you can narrow your search based on the airline, departure time, number of stops, travel dates, or other criteria.

Searching hundreds of airline ticket sites in the blink of an eye, Kayak is known for being very fast and helping to find the cheapest flights you’ll ever encounter when seeking a plane ticket to anywhere in the world.


Free to use with no hidden charges or fees, Momondo gives other travel sites a run for its money. Whether you’re traveling economy, first-class, or somewhere between, this site lets you find cheap flights fast.


Very similar to Expedia, Orbitz is easy to understand and navigate. If you’re on a budget, Orbitz has a specific section for plane tickets under $199.


When you are ready to name your price for an airline ticket, go to Priceline and enter what you hope will be the winning bid. Since airlines don’t like empty seats, this gives you the chance to cash in.