10 Most Popular Stay-at-Home Jobs

Stay-at-home jobs have become increasingly popular post-pandemic. Even though one could have performed the positions listed here at home before the pandemic, many have become more popular in recent years.

Organizations have quickly pivoted to full-time remote work where you can stay at home to get the job done. Below is a list of jobs you can consider if you have the interest, skills, and qualifications to apply.

An accountant’s average salary is $58,488, though this number can vary widely depending on an individual’s experience. Many accountants make six-figure salaries.


The average salary for a business consultant is $75,356. The most experienced business consultants can make well into six figures, with good benefits.


The average salary for a project manager is $78,675. Project managers often require a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification to demonstrate expertise in the field.

Project Manager

The average pay for a customer service representative is $15.18 per hour. Most customer service representative positions are paid by the hour instead of on salary, which can work in their favor if they work over 40 hours. In that case, the person would receive overtime pay.

Customer Service Representative

The average recruiter’s salary is $54,500, though there are a lot of variabilities depending on skills and experience.