Is Buying a Website a Good Investment?

I have purchased a few income producing websites in the past, and have dabbled in the idea of investing again, but come to the question. Is buying a website a good investment? With an understanding of SEO and marketing, buying a website can offer a great return and be a great platform to build off … Read more

Why Real Estate Investors Fail

When looking at examples of successful real estate investors and contrasting them with unsolicited advice I hear from people about not investing in real estate, toilets break. I often wonder: why do real estate investors fail? After researching the subject, it turns out that most real estate investors fail due to a lack of money … Read more

BRRRR Method Basics

BRRRR is probably my favorite real estate strategy. It has allowed me to recycle my capital, and even grow it while investing in rental properties. The reason why I love this method so much is, not only do I get the monthly cashflow from the rental, but I get my principal back as well. It … Read more

Invest Like Warren Buffett

The results of Warren Buffett are both extraordinary and seemingly withing the realm of possibility at the same time. He has managed to average a 22% annual return over his investing and savings lifetime. Which is currently from when he was about 10 to 90. That is 80 years of compound growth. It is not … Read more

10 Nightstand Ideas for Airbnb Hosts

We can all agree that the decor of your airbnb listing can add tremendous value and create demand. There is a lot of opportunity in nightstands when furnishing an airbnb because it is pretty easy to get the functionality right. Unlike, say sofas where you may be restricted by wanting it to be a sleeper … Read more

7 Airbnb Cleaning Tips

In my experience as an Airbnb host, one of the most important aspects is cleaning. Sure, having swanky furnishings is important, and creating a great listing will drive more bookings, but having an Airbnb that does not meet guest’s expectations on cleanliness can quickly torpedo your Airbnb business. 1. Have a Checklist You want to … Read more