10 Nightstand Ideas for Airbnb Hosts

We can all agree that the decor of your airbnb listing can add tremendous value and create demand. There is a lot of opportunity in nightstands when furnishing an airbnb because it is pretty easy to get the functionality right. Unlike, say sofas where you may be restricted by wanting it to be a sleeper … Read more

7 Airbnb Cleaning Tips

In my experience as an Airbnb host, one of the most important aspects is cleaning. Sure, having swanky furnishings is important, and creating a great listing will drive more bookings, but having an Airbnb that does not meet guest’s expectations on cleanliness can quickly torpedo your Airbnb business. 1. Have a Checklist You want to … Read more

Investing in a Beach House Airbnb

In this article I am going to do analysis of an Airbnb opportunity in Virginia Beach, VA. I selected this location based off Virginia Beach’s rank in the article Best Cities to Buy Airbnb. Which claims the average annual profit is $33,208. This would include part time listings, small condos, as well as large beach … Read more

Long term Vs Short term rentals

This article is written from the perspective of pre-acquisition. Once you own a property, the decision is a bit different. Which one makes more money? In most situations, short-term rentals will make more than long-term. Which one takes less time to manage? On the surface, long-term rentals are much more passive than long-term rentals. With … Read more

Furnishing an Airbnb

A visually attractive space is a major way to increase bookings. Decide Budget and Theme While budget and market research is outside the scope of this article. You will want to check out your competition in your market, and some of the best listings you can find on Airbnb to see what they look like. … Read more