Doing the Math for Early Retirement

What are you working for? Saving for retirement is hard. The entire concept is fraught with uncertainty, and there is an entire industry dedicated to alleviating the pain of you having to do your own math. This can lead to devastating results. If you do not take charge of your future, who will? The first, … Read more

2020 Q1 Reading List

In 2018 I made a grand reading list for the whole year. It was pretty cool, but mostly intimidating. While I did not get through every title, I stuck with it. Though I kind of wished I had shorter cycles. As I read, I got new ideas on what I wanted to explore. So this … Read more

Long term Vs Short term rentals

This article is written from the perspective of pre-acquisition. Once you own a property, the decision is a bit different. Which one makes more money? In most situations, short-term rentals will make more than long-term. Which one takes less time to manage? On the surface, long-term rentals are much more passive than long-term rentals. With … Read more

Important vs Urgent

Time management is a tricky thing. There are tasks popping up constantly through the day. Other people impose their urgency and schedule on you. If you are constantly putting out fires and feel like you are just spinning your wheels this is for you. Enter Eisenhower “What is important is seldom urgent and what is … Read more

Furnishing an Airbnb

A visually attractive space is a major way to increase bookings. Decide Budget and Theme While budget and market research is outside the scope of this article. You will want to check out your competition in your market, and some of the best listings you can find on Airbnb to see what they look like. … Read more